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Thread: Need DLLs loaded for kernel

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    Need DLLs loaded for kernel

    When I start my desktop, the Screen goes blank for a few seconds and then a msg is displayed

    “Windows could not start because of an error in the software.
    Please report this problem as:
    Load needed DLLs for kernel
    Please contact your support person to report this problem”

    I could not start the windows even in SAFE MODE as the same message would appear.

    I called my engineer. He came and “repaired” (from the disk)the windows.. It functioned properly for exactly 1 day and now again the same problem has come up.

    It shows exactly the same message now.

    I have a LICENSED version of KASPERSKY ANTI VIRUS….. so chances of a virus being the cause are low. Neither I installed / uninstalled any programs recently.

    I contacted my comp guy again. So now he his telling me that the problem is with my HARD DISK. It has bad sectors or something. So he has asked me get a replacement for my Hard Drive as it is still under warranty.

    I purchased my computer in DEC 09 so everything is still under warranty. The specifications of my comp are
    Intel 2.93GHz Core 2 Duo processor
    Intel DG41 Motherboard
    2 X 2GB DDR2 RAM
    1TB Seagate SATA HD
    Windows XP Home Edition

    Can this be a problem with the Hard disk which causes windows to crash or corrupts it.

    My Hard disk had managed to somehow crash when it was just 2-3weeks old.(YES in a new comp)This was when the engineer supposedly solving a minor glitch with my keyboard & mouse managed to achieve this feet. (This time out I contacted a new engineer)

    So should I take a backup(if possible) of the data on my hard drive and send it for replacement or what should I do?

    And can a problem/compatibilities issues of my motherboard/RAM/power supply with Hard Drive cause it to crash/develop bad sectors or problems again and again(assuming the hard disk is actually spoiled)

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    Re: Need DLLs loaded for kernel

    Actually the cause of the error message is due to the Hal.dll and Ntoskrnl.exe files are mismatched. Use the ERD disk and repair the installation. Choose to replace all files, and then replace only the Hal.dll and Ntoskrnl.exe files.

    If you can start another installation of Windows NT on the same computer, you can expand the correct Hal.dll and Ntoskrnl.exe files from the Windows NT CD-ROM. To do so, follow these steps:

    1. Boot to the working version of Windows NT.
    2. Start a command prompt.
    3. Change to the CD-ROM drive.
    4. Change to the appropriate folder on the CD-ROM (for example, I386 for Intel-based computers).
    5. Type expand hal.dl_ <systemroot>\system32 where <systemroot> is the path of the non-functioning Windows NT folder.
    6. Type expand ntoskrnl.ex_ <systemroot>\system32.
    7. Restart the computer into the other Windows NT installation.

    Check more information here.

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    Re: Need DLLs loaded for kernel

    Hey, but thats for windows NT

    and mine is xp

    And the first time the problem was solved without my comp guy doing any of it.
    (According to my understanding of what he did)

    And the more imp qt here is, Can one be reasonably sure about no problems with the Hard Disk


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    Re: Need DLLs loaded for kernel

    For that just boot the system from boot disk and then and access to the command prompt. Enter the following commands: C: edit boot.ini. By this you can access BOOT.INI file. The error is in most cases the number of the partition that is indicated. Change score (1) partition (2), and if it still does not change again until you figure just hit the right one.

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