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Thread: keyboard bindings don't work on laptop keyboard

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    keyboard bindings don't work on laptop keyboard

    I have been given a used laptop (Thinkpad T42P running XP). They key bindings (keyboard shortcuts) don't all work, when I use the laptop's keyboard, but they do when I use a connected USB keyboard.

    For example, ^X will simply overwrite the selection with a lowercase x, unless I use the USB keyboard.

    Following other advice I found online, I made sure the HID driver starts automatically, and is currently running. I also looked for keyboard driver updates, via the "Update Driver..." button in the "HID Keyboard Device Properties" window, but there apparently are none.

    What could be causing this, and how do I fix it?

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    Re: keyboard bindings don't work on laptop keyboard

    It seems that the problem lies within the keyboard of the laptop itself, as you have already tried a usb keyword which is working fine. It might be an issue due to some dust settling inside the keys. It can also be some virus issue, but cannot be exactly, but to be on a better side, download and install hijackthis and run it. Also, scan your pc with some good antivirus softwares.

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