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Thread: Run uTorrent on Linux

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    Run uTorrent on Linux

    I have recently switched to linux operating system and I am quite happy with the operating system. Then problem now is, on windows I would use utorrent to download the torrent files from internet, but the problem now is that I can not use utorrent on linux. So, how can I run utorrent on windows? Any one has ever done this? Thank you.

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    Re: Run uTorrent on Linux

    Installing μTorrent under Wine
    If you do not have Wine, you can install, very easily. Adding deposit facility & Wine. It begins with the filing Wine add to the list of deposits (adapt for your distribution)

    Code: wget-q-O-| 
    sudo apt-key add - 
    sudo wget list-O / etc / apt / sources.list.d / winehq.list 
    sudo apt-get update
    Then, as usual, it installs as simply the world via deposits
    sudo apt-get install libfreetype6 wine

    Download and install μTorrent
    Upload the software from the official site
    Then run the installation:
    utorrent wine.
    For those who have no graphical environment
    If you do not have access to an X server, the last statement should be a problem. You can get around the problem thanks to the export display: We need xauth (for Export display) screen (Terminal Multiplexer) and xvfb (Fake X server):
    sudo apt-get install xauth screen xvfb
    Connect us from an existing X server, the remote server:
    ssh-X server utorrent @
    Creating Directories
    Create the directory tree you want:
    mkdir name of the directory where you want to install the program

    Installing the Web interface
    The web interface allows you to control μTorrent Torrents files remotely from anywhere. This can be really really useful.
    We move into the directory of μTorrent
    cd ~ / .wine / drive_c / windows / profiles /usr/ Application \ Data / uTorrent /
    Then upload the web interface:
    At this stage, we can start to configure μTorrent:
    wine ~ / .wine / drive_c / Program Files / uTorrent / utorrent.exe

    For those who have no X server:

    Or even for others, if you do not want μtorrent on your screen. We create our fake X server with the ID 1:
    screen Xvfb: 1
    Detach the console (CTRL + A + D) Then we start on the wrong μTorrent X server:
    = export DISPLAY: 1 wine ~ / .wine / drive_c / Program Files / uTorrent / utorrent.exe
    If everything works, you can view the administration interface from

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    Re: Run uTorrent on Linux

    To go a step further: Apache configuration & ModProxy
    Access control is provided automatically rather unreliable, and it is impossible to turn the handle at the same time Apache on the same port. To begin, Apache's install (if not already), and mod_proxy:
    sudo apt-get install apache2
    Then activate the mod proxy:
    sudo a2enmod proxy
    We will now configure the proxy module to limit access to the administration interface. We would like to proxy between and, the first being the μTorrent server, listening on alternate port 40000.
    Changes proxy.conf
    Allow from all
    Add a Vhost
    ProxyPass / gui proxy / gui
    The web interface utorrent is listening on port 40000 (alternative port)
    In this configuration, it must limit the access of al web interface ip al Utorrent to force a pass through apache2 (in the configuration of μTorrent).

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    Re: Run uTorrent on Linux

    Install uTorrent on linux is not a little to take the lead, knowing that there is in the official repositories of customers very well built as the transmission? There's even a version without gui, transmission-cli and transmission-daemon to run in the background, transmission-daemon + ssh = total happiness. If you want to be even more geeky can still install ajaxterm to have a terminal with a browser accessible from the port 80. Alternatively install torrent-b4rt which is a php frontend for transmission-cli, bittornado, azureus, and even wget and nzbperl which allows, among other streamer vlc with downloaded movies.

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