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Thread: Server 2003 closing image writer file (.mdi)

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    Server 2003 closing image writer file (.mdi)

    We are running server 2003 enterprise edition and have a vb 6.0 application which opens a word 2007 document, makes changes then "prints" the document using the image writer. If this is run from a local machine the image writer works just fine (it stays open for any user changes).

    However when we set up a remote connection the image writer opens briefly then closes immediately (the user can no longer make any changes). If the remote pc is running XP there is no problem, the problem only occurs with server 2003.

    Any suggestions on how to tweak server 2003?


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    Re: Server 2003 closing image writer file (.mdi)

    I can only assume that when you connect to the server via TS (RWW), by default local printing is enabled. The server doesn't have the printer installed, therefore you get the error. If you don't need local printing when doing server administration, deselect that option prior to connecting. In RWW/connect click the Options link, or in the properties of your RDP (TS) connection, deselect the option on the Local Resources area.

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