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Thread: Mac OS X remap keyboard

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    Mac OS X remap keyboard

    Frustrated by the loss on the new MacBook numeric buttons activated with the Fn key, I tried to remap my keyboard but it is not working. But when I assign for example "1" combination FN + J, I finally made changes to the J key in 1, which was not the objective. I manage to remap with other key combination's, eg. Alt + Shift + J to have one, but the Fn key seems to be action on the arrow and the delete key. Any more help on keyboard mapping will really help me. Thank you.

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    Re: Mac OS X remap keyboard

    If you wish to spend a standard keyboard of another country, simply go to System Preferences -> International -> menu entry.
    To change a few keys on the keyboard, we must create a new keyboard layout. So, you install ukulele and all files and folders in the package installation. That's it? Well now you start. There is no window that opens, it's normal.
    Select File -> New. In the dialog box, select Copy of Other keyboard layout, and look for the numerical.keylayout keyboard (if you use one) in the System folder Keyboards -> Novels

    You should see a graphical representation of your keyboard. Just double-click on the button to edit. Press Alt / Option and Shift for the representation of the keyboard goes into these modes.

    So you can change details as frustrating:
    - The decimal numeric keypad at one point
    - To the point instead of a semicolon is used rarely, and vice versa
    - Set the / instead of: and vice versa
    - Possibly put quotes instead of ≤ and ≥ (Alt <Alt and> very well but you get used to the standard Alt + and Alt + Shift e +).

    When you are satisfied you save everything with File -> Save as ... and you put it in ~ / Library / Keyboard Layouts. The Library folder Library is sometimes translated, sometimes not. Well, there's almost over. It must also change the title of your keyboard model. To do this, open your file with a text editor. I use Smultron but TextEdit will do. Here is the beginning of my file:

    <? Xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>
    <! Keyboard DOCTYPE SYSTEM "file: / / localhost / System / Library / DTDs / KeyboardLayout.dtd">

    You can now select your new keyboard layout in System Preferences -> International -> menu entry. The menu entry in question is the small blue flag, white and red next to the clock in the menu bar. In system preferences, you choose what keyboard models appear in the menu, and in this menu you choose the model to apply. Now you just need to disconnect and reconnect you to the next new model should work.

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    Re: Mac OS X remap keyboard

    On Leopard, I do not know, I'm still on Panther. Try "Open" to open the layout and saves the edited version with a "Save as". For cons, I noticed that changing a layout after applying does not work. It is better to create another one and delete the old one (I wanted to put them;.: / To their place after trying to change them). Otherwise, I discovered that the pre-installed on the Mac allows you to write without any problem. I'll try to learn by viewing the Keyboard Viewer.

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    Re: Mac OS X remap keyboard

    Trick for hackers and other networks: If you have a keypad, needless to remap. Simply type your IP address on said pad while pressing the Shift key. It does not work with Caps Lock, but hey, we do not hit very often not the lists of IP addresses. Alt-semicolon for the dots, it's cool, but not always readable on another platform.

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