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Thread: Make a non bootable cd bootable

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    Make a non bootable cd bootable

    I have a CD with windows 2003 sever operating system. The problem is that it is not bootable. Now i want to make the non bootable CD bootable. How do you do this? Can i add some more files to it , I mean to say a multisession. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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    Re: Make a non bootable cd bootable

    Instead copy all the files to your disk and then burn a new disk and that will be bootable

    1) Use burning software to burn the ISO files can any one, eg, Nero, CDBurner XP, Image Burn ISO or CD Burner. Download the free software Ultimate Boot CD download. With the freeware can create a Windows operating system, the CD directly from the executable is. Additionally, tests are many tools for partitioning, delete, and cloning hard drives, BIOS and diagnostic tools, cpu and memory and so on. This is a suitable solution for Win 98, Win NT 4.0, Win 2000, Win ME, Win 1995, Win XP, Win 2003 Server, Windows Vista.

    2) The downloaded EXE file of the Ultimate Boot CD, you must first unzip it on your PC by double-clicking. Open your burning program and select to burn an image file. With Nero Burning You can find this option at the top of the menu "Recorder"> "Image". The next step is to locate the unzipped ISO file on your hard drive and click on "Open". Burn In "compilation" fix you enable the option "Burn" and "CD". Now you can start the burning process and burn the bootable CD ready on CD-ROM.

    3) After firing, you should test the boot CD absolutely. To do this, the boot order in BIOS be changed in order to boot from the CD. For newer PCs can directly boot menu, eg pressing the "F11" key and then select the call load from CD-ROM (which is the key to your computer will be displayed during the boot on the screen).

    4) On older computers you press at boot the "Delete" - or "F1" key to get into the BIOS. There, you look in the line "First Boot Device and change the setting" Floppy "" on "CD-ROM." Save the BIOS before leaving, set the created boot CD into the CD-ROM drive and then restart the PC. When the PC with a bootable CD to DOS command prompt comes up, your rescue disk is operational.

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    Re: Make a non bootable cd bootable

    You can use PE Builder. It helps you create a CD-ROM (or DVD) bootable (called BartPE) Windows XP (SP1 minimum) or Windows Server 2003 to provide easy maintenance your PC. This CD (called BartPE) lets you start your PC and give you a complete Win32 environment, multitasking, graphical user interface (800x600), full support for file systems FAT / NTFS / CDFS, and network support. Very handy for testing without a PC OS, recover files to a network share, virus scan, etc. The BartPE CD generated advantageously replace all DOS boot disks in no time! The CD generated can be used on any PC (96 MB RAM and 300 MHz minimum a priori), even if no operating system installed, or if the system is older than XP or 2003.

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    Re: Make a non bootable cd bootable

    You can also boot your computer from a bootable USB, just try this

    - Create a folder named: UsbBoot has root of your hard drive eg: C: \ UsbBoot
    - Double click on SP27213.exe to install the software: HP USB Disk Storage
    Format Tool (you will have to download it )
    - Unpack the archive in (C: \ UsbBoot)

    Formatting the USB key:
    - Insert the key on a USB port on your PC
    - Start the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool
    - To select your USB flash device
    - To select FAT file system
    - Check the option Create a DOS startup disk
    - Check the option using DOS system file site location is: find the way or is
    unzipped files (C: \ UsbBoot).
    - Click start.

    - Restart the computer leaving the key plugged into the USB port.
    - Enter the Bios setup to set the key as first boot device in the boot
    - Confirm the changes in Bios and restart the computer to try booting your key

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    Re: Make a non bootable cd bootable

    Boot your PC from CD-ROM and have full access to NTFS volumes. PE Builder is not a Microsoft product and does not create Microsoft Windows Preinstallation Environment ("Windows PE"). It is similar to a Windows PE (WinPE) bootable CD-Rom (from Microsoft), that in time PE-based solutions will be every PC technicians best friend. This program can boot from a CD-Rom and have full read/write access to NTFS volumes.

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    Re: Make a non bootable cd bootable

    The Service Pack 2 on an existing Windows XP installation is partly filled, but there is also the little known way of the update package in the installation files of the original CD to integrate directly - the so-called "slipstreaming" - and these updated installation files to burn again as a bootable CD. The advantages are clear: a made by such a slipstream CD of Windows XP installation is on the first boot the computer up to date SP2.

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