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Thread: Computer running slow and programs hanging

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    Computer running slow and programs hanging

    Recently i have upgraded my windows XP to windows 7. Windows 7 is really an awesome application and i like it very much it is quiet faster than windows XP as well as windows vista. But to my surprise two weeks after upgrading my system it ran absolutely fine for about two weeks and then my computer became slow and some of my programs started hanging.

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    Re: Computer running slow and programs hanging

    Before suggesting any solution to this problem i am willing to know the configuration of your system. Since you have upgraded from windows XP to windows 7. As far as i know the windows 7 is a 64 bit operating system and it requires resources greater than what is required by windows XP. For example it requires at least 1GB of RAM where as windows XP can continue to work on 2562 MB of RAM.

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    Re: Computer running slow and programs hanging

    Some tips to improve your systems performance

    • It must be placed in a dust-free, with adequate ventilation.
    • You must use soft cotton cloth for dust removal from the exterior parts.
    • Special care must be taken when cleaning the keyboard.
    • The inside of the keyboard consists of a circuit very difficult and anything went wrong on May 1 damage easily.
    • You should always turn off your computer properly adopting the procedure.
    • Never turn off your PC from the Off button.
    • Defragmentation is another utility that may be used to maintain your computer for optimal performance.
    • The startup process is a process consumes lots of resources and strains on your hard disk computer much.
    • The computer starts hanging on the rising temperatures of 35 degrees Celsius.
    • So, you should organize an air conditioned room for maintaining your computer maintained.

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    Re: Computer running slow and programs hanging

    You may have problems with your registry. The register can control all aspects of your computer from the wallpaper to how your computer loads and runs programs. If you ever experience with fixing your computer, then touching the registry can cause further damage to your computer.

    Remember that computer receives no slowing over time, slow is indicative of software problems, which then runs around the register of computer which is very easy to set and manage an online search that takes only a few seconds.

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    Re: Computer running slow and programs hanging

    Try downloading some Advanced System Optimizer application to enhance your sytems performance some of its features are listed below:

    1. Smart pc care to fine tune your pc in single click.
    2. Disk defrag to optimize hard disk for best performance.
    3. Game optimizer for faster gaming experience.
    4. Driver updater for updating the outdated drivers.
    5. Undelete for recovering the files which have been deleted accidentally.

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    Re: Computer running slow and programs hanging

    Ultra Optimizer is the most advanced Windows Registry Cleaner and System Optimizer available anywhere today. It will Fix errors on your PC, and Increase your Systems Performance considerably. Our high tech scanning engine will detect & fix more errors on your computer then any other Registry cleaner Available. Ultra Optimizer has many build in tools, and is much more then an Advanced Registry Cleaner.

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    To improve the performance of your system you will have to upgrade your system hardware including RAM. Try to buy a new hard drive with minimum of 250 Gb hard disk space. 2 Gb of ram will be better so i would recommend you to install the same on your system as soon as possible. Hope that this will help your system to perform better.

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