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Thread: Unable to apply GPO in a OU. Kindly help me to solve this.

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    Unable to apply GPO in a OU. Kindly help me to solve this.

    Hi, I am facing a problem applying a GPO to OU. I am giving a scenario of my OU and GPO as below.

    I have made an OU name CS OU under Then I created a user name James and a user group CS Group under CS OU. And added user name James in CS Group.
    Later I have created a GPO name CS GPO and given a link to CS OU. I have remove default domain policy link from CS OU which was linked by default.
    In security filtering I have removed authenticated Users which were there by default and added CS Group in security filtering.
    I have edited CS GPO like “Prohibited access to the control panel” and I have not made any changes in default domain policy and default domain control policy.

    When I login a computer with the user name James I can’t see any changes in control panel I meant control panel is still accessible but I have made a restriction for this user.

    Kindly guide me if there is any mistake happen in linking a GPO or in user filtering or any where else.


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    Re: Unable to apply GPO in a OU. Kindly help me to solve this.

    I also put up a deployment installation "msi" on machines with Windows 7.
    My server is Windows 2003 Server.

    I followed the deployment plan that I used with Windows XP SP3.

    1) I created an "OR" to store users who will receive the application.
    1) I had a share that contains the msi to deploy.
    2) I created a GPO 'Deploy MSI "integrating in" user mode "package.
    3) I set the GPO for the package installs to "log on". The venue is "Assigned".
    4) I built a user in the "OR" for Deployment. I checked that the user is administrator position, the UAC mode is "Elevate Without prompting" in "administrator".
    5) I restarted the post in Windows 7 and the package was not installed.
    I had a look on the "Events log" system of WIndows 7 and got the following messages:

    -> The Group Policy Client Side Extension Software Installation Was Unable to apply "one or more settings Because The Exchange Must Be Processed Before system startup or user logon. The System Will wait for Group Policy to finish processing Completely Before the next startup or logon for this user, and this May Result in Slow startup and boot performance.

    -> Failed to apply "to exchange software installation settings. The installation of software Deployed-through Group Policy for this user has been "delayed Until the next logon Because The Exchange Must Be Applied Before the user logon. The error was:%% 1274

    I continue to search the internet to see if there are examples of deployments of Windows 2003 to Windows 7/Vista.


    I restart it and it worked.

    It was enough to reboot.

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