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Thread: MBP slow bootup & running VERY slow

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    MBP slow bootup & running VERY slow

    Hi everybody,

    I just bought a mac book pro, Later I found that it is little bit slow. But now the boot is often open for a long time before entering the screen and often can not find the boot. Apple screen appears in a question mark folder i also tried to used the disk repair. Please help me solve the problem. Thanks in advance.

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    MBP slow bootup & running VERY slow

    You need to do following steps:
    1. Open Applications -> AppleScript-> process instruction programming. App
    2. Input tell application "System Events"
    set visible of disk "NameofDisk" to true
    end tell
    tell application "Finder" to quit
    delay 1
    tell application "Finder" to launch
    To replace your hard drive name NameofDisk.

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    MBP slow bootup & running VERY slow

    According to Apple's prompted to restart into Windows installation interface and select the installation partition, choose Apple has a good geographical points (C disk FAT32), do not choose to use Apple, Windows is not aware of that a few "unknown partition" and then select Next No change to keep the current file system, Windows start copying the installation files. Start End on a black screen, indicating disk error, prees any key to restart. The answer lies in "maintaining the current file system, no change", because the current C drive to install Windows, FAT32 system is out of Apple's program, Windows can not boot after installation solution Power by ALT key and select OSX OSX system disk after remove the Windows partition re-create the Windows installation, the next step in the choice of C after the closing bell, there file system choice, select the NTFS format and formatted just the problem appears solved, was suspended from Test FAT32 and format was successful. All the best.

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    Re: MBP slow bootup & running VERY slow

    After the use of Apple systems into BOOTCAMP or disk tool to erase or merge XP system. And then. The Apple system dispatch bag. Which have the tools. To repair disk permissions are gradually getting one. And then reinstall XP. Still does not work, it may During installation, you C drive is divided into the area, try to partition, select the C drive, formatted with NTFS, then install. All the best.

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    MBP slow bootup & running VERY slow

    Computer viruses are rampant madness are almost always for Windows, because Windows MAC architecture and different, so is rarely Virus Attacks. MAC OSX operating system interface is unique, highlighting the image of the icon and the man-machine dialogue (man-machine conversation interface is first created by Apple, after which they were Chinese and Microsoft Windows are widely used in Windows). Apple's own technical standards can be produced according to the computer, corresponding to the operating system developed shows that the strength of its technology and unusual. Analogy, Apple is like a consortium of IBM and Microsoft, the hardware and software, "beauty and talent, wealth." Check and reply.

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