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Thread: lvm2 Newly created Volume Group lost after reboot

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    lvm2 Newly created Volume Group lost after reboot

    I have RHEL 5.1 and created a lvm2 volume group on new EMC Powerpath connected SAN volume. Everything is going OK . I can create a ext3 file system
    ,on the new logical volume as (/dev/VolGroup01/LogVol00) and everything is going fine until I reboot the server.

    When I reboot system then Volume Group and Logical Volume entries are has been missed in /dev and consequently the file system gets fail to come in mount. Then after I quite , vgscan --mknodes followed by a vgchange -a y and they are back again, but do you all have any idea why I have this problem on reboot??


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    lvm2 Newly created Volume Group lost after reboot

    Hello guys,

    Listen up to me also, I am also having the same problem. What do you recommend me to do after this error. It happened with me last night , My team is working with a major production system and accidentally happened with us. I rebooted the database server to be sure about all was well to ready for the following morning. My San attached volume groups were gone. Of course my database would not come up. I used Seanikins methodology to bring things back, but I sure would like to find out what causes this.


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    lvm2 Newly created Volume Group lost after reboot

    Are you sure , you followed every process with the appropriate manner or not.During the creation of volume group there are always some information related to group creation are stored somewhere in the existing directory.

    Have you done it properly or not.You have to add the LVM entry to /etc/fstab before rebooting your computer, try out to find the entries entitled there and can resolve the issue.

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    lvm2 Newly created Volume Group lost after reboot

    Yeah, we do have the correct entries is FSTAB. Before this, I got a single error but some more obstacles are getting back side ,The thing is, it's not just that the volumes weren't mounted, but the volume group and logical volume entries are not entitled there means from /dev. After vgscan and vgchange they come back and I am able to mount the volumes. I would like to find out why they go away in the first place.

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    lvm2 Newly created Volume Group lost after reboot

    You can try IOSCAN and then look for ioscan -funC disk if the Storage Disks are present there and also after a ioscan and you are capable to perform a vgchange -a y vgxx, just keep a little script in your /sbin/rc3.d/. It can be done as follows : -->
    ioscan > /dev/null
    vgchange -a y vgxx > /dev/null

    And then connect this file to the following location /sbin/init.d and try to perform the reboot operation and look if the discs are available.

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