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Thread: Exchange 2010 on Small Business Server Std 2008 question

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    Exchange 2010 on Small Business Server Std 2008 question

    Currently I am having installed a fresh version of the Small Business Server 2008 standard, and I want to install on that operating system the Exchange server 2010. But I have no idea that Exchange server 2010 will work on the Small Business Server 2008, I will like to stop and disable all the Exchange server 2007 services and then try for the Exchange server 2010. If it does not work then I will remove it and go back to the Exchange server 2007 services. Any idea about this or any body has tried this. In short I want to ask the query related to Exchange 2010 on Small Business Server standard 2008 question

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    Re: Exchange 2010 on Small Business Server Std 2008 question

    See as per my knowledge what you are trying to attempt is not a good idea. Exchange server 2007 and the Exchange server 2008 have the different underlying organizational pattern or structure. In simple words both have the different schema. If you try this then you will not be able to revert back. So please do not try this.

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    Re: Exchange 2010 on Small Business Server Std 2008 question

    In simple words I will try to explain that Exchange server 2010 is not supported on the Small Business Server 2008 standard and I am saying this because of the system requirements which are given below.
    1. Computer system with the x64 architecture with Intel processor that supports Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology or AMD processor that supports the AMD64 platform; Intel Itanium family IA64 processors are not supported.
    2. Operating system―Microsoft Windows Server 2008 x64 Standard and Enterprise Edition with Service Pack 2 or Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard and Enterprise Edition.
    3. Operating system for installing management tools―The 64-bit editions Microsoft Windows Vista or Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008. Note: Requirements only for management tools installation.

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    Re: Exchange 2010 on Small Business Server Std 2008 question

    I will also support the answer given in the above reply and according to me you must also know the additional system requirement
    1. Memory―Minimum of 4 gigabytes (GB) of RAM per server plus 5 megabytes (MB) of RAM recommended for each mailbox.
    2. Disk space
    a) At least 1.2 GB on the drive used for installation.
    b) An additional 500 MB of available disk space for each Unified Messaging (UM) language pack that you plan to install.
    c) 200 MB of available disk space on the system drive.
    3. Drive―DVD-ROM drive, local or network-accessible.
    4. File format―Disk partitions formatted as NTFS file systems.
    5. Monitor―Screen resolution 800x600 pixels or higher.

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    Re: Exchange 2010 on Small Business Server Std 2008 question

    Some time back I was also concerned with the similar issue so I have done the same which you are trying to do but I got many problems with the Exchange server 2007 from the Small Business Server 2008. Hence I removed it but after cleaning also some related things are present in the schema because of that 100% is not possible. So I will strongly suggest not to try for that or else you will find yourself in mess.

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