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Thread: Wiindows 7, E6500, Bluetooth 410 UWB not working

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    Wiindows 7, E6500, Bluetooth 410 UWB not working

    Hi all,

    I have a Dell Latitude laptop with the Dell 410+UWB bluetooth module, running Windows 7 Enterprise. Initially, I installed the Vista driver package from Dell since they didn't have a separate package listed for Win7. when i pair up bluetooth software, but not succeed. can anybody help me for this issue. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Wiindows 7, E6500, Bluetooth 410 UWB not working

    We can choose to buy a notebook Bluetooth card, Bluetooth connectivity capabilities to achieve. There are many customer calls the specific method of inquiry Bluetooth settings, in which we have summarized the dialogue on the Bluetooth card in Dell's consumer notebook on the installation, configuration, and solution to the problem encountered. Check and reply.

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    Re: Wiindows 7, E6500, Bluetooth 410 UWB not working

    If your Bluetooth indicator is off, you need to determine whether random with Bluetooth, the Bluetooth card is not a standard configuration, additional customization. Dell boot screen appears, press F2 to enter bios, then System -> Device info -> Bluetooth device can check whether the "install". If the bios of the Bluetooth device is not installed, you can first try to re-plug the Bluetooth. After mating, or if not, contact Dell. All the best.

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    Wiindows 7, E6500, Bluetooth 410 UWB not working

    Must be installed on Dell's Bluetooth drivers (Dell Wireless 355 Bluetooth: XP under the driver, Vista next drive; Dell Wireless 350 Bluetooth: XP under the drive, Vista under the drive). Reminded, Dell355 Bluetooth in Windows XP systems need to install the patch. To ensure that Bluetooth is normal open method: Right-click on the Dell Bluetooth icon in the taskbar, select "Enable Bluetooth Radio." Note prompted. In the Inspiron 640 M, and Inspiron 6400, only when the Fn + F2 and the driver is also enabled Bluetooth, the Bluetooth indicator light to be lit. Check and reply.

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    Wiindows 7, E6500, Bluetooth 410 UWB not working

    First, make sure Bluetooth mobile devices and notebook computers have been opened, and the phone's Bluetooth visibility enabled, generally in the phone's Bluetooth options, will have "Bluetooth Visibility" or "hide" the class hints. Set this shows that you can, otherwise the computer will not find phone.
    1. Need to transfer the files selected in the right shortcut menu, select Send to Bluetooth device.
    2. Search equipment
    3. Find the device and select Device
    4. Select whether to use the key (if you use the key, usually we are using 1234 as our matching keys)
    5. Click "Next" after, following figure is a computer display while the phone will also appear related tips.
    6. File transfer in
    7. Send completed
    8. Click Finish after the whole process over.

    All the best.

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    Re: Wiindows 7, E6500, Bluetooth 410 UWB not working

    First of all, recognizes the Bluetooth mobile phone and laptop are turned up.
    1. The notebook computer's Bluetooth visibility to open
    2. To accept the documents came from a cell phone transmission, the key is commonly used "1234"
    3. Connection
    4. Receiving
    5. To receive a successful
    6. Click "Next" to complete.

    Best of luck.

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