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Thread: Windows Vista freezes after reboot

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    Windows Vista freezes after reboot

    Over the past couple of weeks every time I reboot my Compaq Windows Vista 32 bit laptop if freezes after 2-3 seconds. The laptop workedin Safe Mode where I used System restore and it seemed to work, until I shut it down and started it up again and the laptop froze again. So I carried on system restoring it. But now I must have left it too long before I used System Restore and now that won't fix the problem. I haven't installed any new software recently or bought any new peripherals.

    Any help would be appreciated as I use this laptop for uni work. Thanks

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    Re: Windows Vista freezes after reboot

    Hello there, it seems that there is some infection in the computer because of which the operating system is freezing randomly. I suggest you to run a full system scan with a well updated antivirus and delete all the infections, that are detected. Just let me know if your problem is not solved even after that.

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    Re: Windows Vista freezes after reboot

    I would suggest you to use the utility disc of Windows and then run a repair process. Boot the disc as optical drive to be the first bot device. The carry pout the function that would be necessary and then follow with repair system. This would help.

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    Thanks for your replies. I just let it cool down, and that seems to have worked. I know there is probably a more serious reason it crashed but for now it's working fine!


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