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Thread: Formatting Hard drive using windows 7 bootable disc

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    Formatting Hard drive using windows 7 bootable disc

    I my system I had completely messed up in installation of Windows. What happened here that to text Ubuntu I had installed same on a different partition. I am not so expert in it but I just follow the wizard. Now the drive ubuntu is installed is invisible in Windows 7. My Windows 7 is now crashed and I will need to re-install the OS again. Here I need to ask that does Windows 7 deals with ext3 type format drive for installation. I just want re-install by formatting everything back.

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    Re: Formatting Hard drive using windows 7 bootable disc

    You does not need to worry about that. Just insert windows installation disc and you can see all your listed driver in the menu. From here you can remove all the partition and then create a new one determining the format which you want. Like NTFS of exFAT. You can then re-install Windows 7 there. Your operating system will be restored back again.

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    Re: Formatting Hard drive using windows 7 bootable disc

    To partition your hard drive with Windows you need to download software partitioning. There are many on the Internet but the author prefers to use Gparted live CD, free software, open source and available on Live CD (bootable startup) that can use all types of partitioning function. To use just download the Gparted Live CD, to burn a CD and restart your computer (from CD) with your CD in the drive.

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    Re: Formatting Hard drive using windows 7 bootable disc

    Disc Management was kind enough to include a partitioning tool in Windows 7. You can just use that to regulate your windows partition. Go to Control Panel > System and Maintenance > Administrative Tools > Computer Management. Once here, click Disk Management Storage in the left sidebar. Here just right click on the driver and format it. You can also resize and create a new one.

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    Re: Formatting Hard drive using windows 7 bootable disc

    Once you insert your Windows DVD it will show you a simple installation of Windows with the installation wizard. When you choose the type of installation, make sure to select Custom (advanced) and select the partition you created earlier. Be careful here, a bad choice of partition could delete your current Windows installation and lose all your data.

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    Re: Formatting Hard drive using windows 7 bootable disc

    If you find any issue in dealing with Windows partition your can use Windows XP disc to create NTFS partition. In my case I had done the same. I got a hard drive which was first working on different operating system and so it has different os formats. I format them to NTFS with a single partition and then use Windows 7 disc for further division to avoid any installation error.

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