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Thread: Customizing desktop for quick access to favorite information.

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    Customizing desktop for quick access to favorite information.

    Hello, I want to use some of the interesting things on my computer from the desktop. I know that i can make shortcut for those files but the problem is that the number of files are such a huge that i just can not use a method of shortcuts. Is there any other way by which i can customize my desktop for quick access to my favorite information.

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    Re: Customizing desktop for quick access to favorite information.

    You want to customize your desktop for quick access to information that interests you? With Bubble Dock, you'll be able to gather momentum on a bar (dock) and contained many shortcuts to Internet: widgets, RSS feeds, videos, photos. With Bubble Store 100% free, you can choose from over a thousand widgets, RSS, podcasts, videos to customize your dock and you can even add your own favorite content: links to your favorite sites or shortcuts to folders on your computer. Bubble Dock also offers the ability to program alerts to be informed in real time directly on your desktop news feed on your favorite new information about a given topic, an upcoming match, lower the price of a desired product, etc.

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    Re: Customizing desktop for quick access to favorite information.

    Bubble Dock is a free program you can download and install from the software library PC Tips. Bubble Dock is free and you must register with his publisher to use. Double click the icon on the Dock Bubble Office. In the window that opens, complete the form. Click Finish. You will receive confirmation of your registration by email. The interactive dock is displayed at the top of your screen.

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    Re: Customizing desktop for quick access to favorite information.

    The Bubble Dock Dock is animated and lets you access all the information you need. Move the mouse on top of your screen on the desktop. The dock is displayed. Browsing the dock while flying over these icons. The current icon is highlighted. Click on the icon for the service you want to use. To permanently display the window of a widget to the screen, you can pin it on the desktop. To do this, place the widget to the location you want and click the Office button on the widget bug. By default, Bubble Dock comes with many widgets and shortcuts. You can remove the dock ones you do not and add new ones from Bubble Free Store.

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    Re: Customizing desktop for quick access to favorite information.

    To remove an item, click the right button of the mouse. Click Remove. The icon for the item is removed from the dock. To add a new item, click the + icon to the right of the dock. The Bubble Store. Sections Selections and directories allow you to choose a widget from those already defined. These widgets are categorized. Click on the item you want and drag it to the dock displayed below. The element is immediately added to the dock. To create your own components: Internet connection, an RSS feed, a folder on your computer, click the tab of the Bubble Store. Select this item to add to the dock, for example, a carousel and slide on the dock. Name the new item and confirm. To add a link to a website at the dock, open your browser and select it. Do it then drag to the dock. It is added as a link. Do the same for adding a shortcut to a folder on your computer in the dock. To rename an item, click it and choose the command Change the title. Enter the new name and click Confirm. You can also customize the icons of the elements of the dock. Click for this icon to edit and click Change Icon. Then select the icon online or on your computer to use. Click OK. The new icon is immediately applied.

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    Re: Customizing desktop for quick access to favorite information.

    The elements of the dock can be customized to display the information you want. For example you can configure the city's weather to display the weather for your city. Click the right mouse button on the dock element to configure. Click on Properties. Then set the service with your data, your city for weather, for example. Click OK. The item is updated with your information. Note that you can also click on the button P references a widget to access its settings. You can easily customize the look of the dock to display eg the time, to reduce or enlarge the size of icons, etc. Click the + button the dock to open the Bubble Store. Open the Settings tab. Check the box Bubble Dock always visible to the dock is always displayed and hidden when you remove the mouse from the top of the screen on the desktop. You can change the icon size, the power of the zoom effect when you hover over an icon with the mouse and then close it.

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