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Thread: Need the guidelines for virtual memory setting.

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    Need the guidelines for virtual memory setting.

    We all know that, even though the pace of the hard disk than memory, but in terms of quantity memory is unable to Hard Par. When running a program requires a large amount of data takes up a lot of memory, the memory will be "filled", and those who do not have the data temporarily into the hard disk, and these data the amount of space is the virtual memory, but I need the guidelines for virtual memory setting so that it can be optimized.

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    Change the location of page file

    Change the location of page file
    The main purpose is to maintain the continuity of virtual memory. Because the data is * hard disk drive read heads in magnetic material to read, the page file on disk in different regions, heads should jumping, nature is not conducive to efficiency. And a number of system disk files, virtual memory is certainly not continuous, so to put it the other disk. To change the page file location is: right-click "My Computer", select "Properties → Advanced → Performance Settings → Advanced → Change virtual memory", select the drive you want to change the column to the location. It is noteworthy that, when the mobile good page file, to the original File Delete.
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    Change the page file size

    Change the position of the paging file, we can make some adjustments to its size. Alteration, we need to pay attention not to the maximum, minimum page file set to the equivalent. Because normally the memory is not truly "filled", which will be in memory when the reserve reaches a certain level, do not automatically part of the data into a temporary hard drive. Minimum page file larger proportion is low, the pace of implementation is also slower. Maximum page file is the limit, and sometimes to open a lot of programs, memory, and the minimum page file have been "filled", it will routinely overflow to the maximum page file. Therefore, the two set to the equivalent is unreasonable. Under normal circumstances, the minimum page file set was smaller, so that as much as possible in memory to store more data, the higher the efficiency. Maximum page file set was a little bigger, so as to avoid a "full member" situation.

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    Re: Need the guidelines for virtual memory setting.

    Disable the page file
    We have extra than 512MB of memory, the summon file of the role will no longer be clear, so we can disable it. Method is: turn into the Registry Editor "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystemCurrentControlSetControlSession Ma-nagerMemoryManagement" under the "DisablePa-ging Executive" (to disable the page file) option will be the value set to "1" can be.

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    Re: Need the guidelines for virtual memory setting.

    Clear page file
    In the same position, there is a "ClearPageFileAtShutdown (when you clear the page file off)", the value is set to "1." By "clear" page document was not referring to completely remove the pagefile.sys from the hard disk file, but its a "cleansing" and finishing, thus next time you start Windows XP, make better use of virtual memory to prepare .

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