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Thread: Windows XP services will not start after reinstall

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    Windows XP services will not start after reinstall

    I had to format a Dell C600 Laptop drive and used the a XP Pro SP2 Reinstalation CD.

    The install went fine but a couple of odd things;

    1. A user was not created even though I had entered the information during the install, after install, I am logged in as an Admin inistrator

    2. Now when I am in, all automatic services are not running and stopped. When I try to manuall start and get different errors for every service.

    3. I cannot get to MSConfig, I get an error that it does not exist.

    4. I cannot install drivers because I get a RSC message

    I just reformatted another Dell with success.

    I cannot find a solution anywhere, can someone please assist?

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    Re: Windows XP services will not start after reinstall

    This basically relates that the utility disc you have used to make the installation has some bugs with it and it may be that some required system files may be missing. Hence this has cause to face such issues. So in order to work out well with it use another disc which has no issues.

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    Re: Windows XP services will not start after reinstall

    Try to start window XP in safe mode for going in safe mode you have to press F8 at the time of reboot.

    Then try to solve the problem through MS-config.
    If that also do not solve your problem then the only possible solution is to reinstall the operating system.

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