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Thread: Recovering Files using Trash Magic

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    Recovering Files using Trash Magic

    I had deleted a folder by mistake which was placed inside some junk folders. The next day when I visited back my computer the Trash was empty. I lost my data in it. That was really annoying. A friend told me to use Trash Magic tool in case if I delete any files then that can be recoverable from it. How to use this software and what is the performance of the same. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Recovering Files using Trash Magic

    There is a tool for that which called as TrashMagic. In fact, once installed, TrashMagic automatically saves the contents of the basket totally transparent. If you deleted a file by mistake and emptied the trash, the software you will very easily recover your lost data. You can configure the software by choosing to save your basket for a few days or several weeks.

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    Re: Recovering Files using Trash Magic

    Yes it is true that TrashMagic can can retrieve your deleted files even if you have emptied the trash. Indeed, TrashMagic allows you to recover files deleted by mistake and it must be admitted that this software can be very convenient. The tool offers a single click restoration of the files which is quiet convenient in many matter. You can get a demo of the same to test it. The demo offers a 5min restore option.

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    Re: Recovering Files using Trash Magic

    the main window TrashMagic consists of an information area (top) and three tabs the first is for Starting and Stopping. Protection can be enabled or disabled at any time. When protection is enabled, all files placed in the Trash are automatically copied to a cache and can therefore be retrieved at any time. This protection is disabled, the files are copied into the cache, but it is still possible to retrieve the old files on it. Then comes a activate button and settings tab.

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    Re: Recovering Files using Trash Magic

    If you select the Monitor only the user's Trash then only the basket of the current user is protected. If you have any other discs, I suggest you uncheck that box. If you do not want the menu TrashMagic displayed in the toolbar of the Finder menu, uncheck Show menu TrashMagic in the menu bar. This is beneficial if you are working on a system which has a multiple user account.

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    Re: Recovering Files using Trash Magic

    Better go with a demo first to check out all the options of the software. The cache memory of the same is set to 7 in my case. Because if you keep a long day then your cache size of Trash Magic will keep on increasing. Other than this there are several other elements present in the same software. You can just click on the recover button to retrieve your file back again.

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