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Thread: Transfer settings from Windows 7 to Windows 7

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    Transfer settings from Windows 7 to Windows 7

    Hello everybody,

    I am writing you because I have a small problem that would make me happy if resolve. In fact, I used the trial version of Windows 7 now 90 days (for 64-bit to use my 6GB of ram.) and seeing the expiration date to expire, I decided install the ultimate 64-bit still. And that's the problem: the first version (now) is still installed on my partition that we will call C: I installed Ultimate 64-bit on another partition blank so we will call D:. I wanted to use the utility to transfer files and settings (ie from Windows 7 to 7) , Is there a reliable freeware equivalent to that provided by windows for such transfers?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Windows Easy Transfer

    If you have Windows 7 and if you want to move setting to another Windows 7 , then you can easily to move or transfer the Windows 7 Settings, Files or users from one Computer to another, there is an easy way to do it by using Windows Easy Transfer.

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    Re: Transfer settings from Windows 7 to Windows 7

    Before upgrading our computer to Windows 7, many prefer to replace it. Now, how to move our data between the old and new? Windows 7 Easy Transfer is the official migration to Windows 7. Organized as an assistant by steps, Windows 7 Easy Transfer lets you move user accounts, all documents, configuration data, bookmarks, emails and other files.

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    Using Windows 7 Easy Transfer

    Using Windows 7 Easy Transfer does not involve any complication: it is run it and follow the steps. Data can be transferred via the special Windows Easy Transfer cable, via local network or using CD, DVD and USB (option slowly but surely).

    To retrieve data, run Windows 7 Easy Transfer on the receiving computer. Please note that if you've protected the MIG file with a password, the need to complete the process.

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    Re: Transfer settings from Windows 7 to Windows 7

    Windows Easy Transfer in Windows 7 to transfer Settings, Files and Users?

    • (On Old windows 7) Go to Start –> Type Easy Transfer –> Click Windows Easy Transfer in the search results And go through the wizard. And don't forget to select option "This is my OLD computer" when it between it asks.
    • After saving files on some medai start your new system and open Windows Easy transfer and click This is my New Computer.
    • Click Yes, open the file to browse and open the .MIG file

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