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Thread: Can I use iTopsoft DVD Copy in Windows 7

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    Can I use iTopsoft DVD Copy in Windows 7

    Hello everyone, iTopsoft DVD Copy is a very good software that can create DVD backups. I am using this software in Windows XP operating system. But, now I have upgraded to Windows 7, so I need to know that can I use iTopsoft DVD Copy in Windows 7. If it will not work, please suggest some other software to perform the same task. All possible replies and suggestion are appreciated.

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    Re: Can I use iTopsoft DVD Copy in Windows 7

    I do not think that you can use iTopsoft DVD Copy in Windows 7, since the operating systems supported by iTopsoft DVD Copy are as follows:
    1. Windows 95
    2. Windows 98
    3. Windows XP

    You need not worry, since there are many alternatives available in the market for the same. Search for them on the internet and your problem will be solved.
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    Re: Can I use iTopsoft DVD Copy in Windows 7

    To use iTopsoft DVD Copy in Windows 7, you will have to download the compatibility tool from the internet, that has been released to get rid of the incompatibility issues in Windows 7. Make sure that you install the software only after you have installed the compatibility tool. I can assure that this method works perfectly fine, since I have used the same to get rid of many incompatibility issues in my system.

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    Re: Can I use iTopsoft DVD Copy in Windows 7

    You will have to run the hardware and software evaluation wizard to make sure that iTopsoft DVD Copy can be used in Windows 7 or not. This tool helps to list the incompatibility applications and programs in the system. If it lists the software as compatible then, well and good. If it is incompatible, then try using the run as administrator option, since this option is used to execute any program forcefully in the system.

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    Re: Can I use iTopsoft DVD Copy in Windows 7

    If you are having problems to run iTopsoft DVD Copy in Windows 7, then use any of the following complements available:
    • BDMV DVD Backup 1.4.98
    • Aigo DVD Copy 2.0.13
    • 1st DVD Backup Professional 4.2.1
    • 3X DVD Duplication 3
    • AnyBackup CD/DVD Edition 1.75
    • Super Clone DVD 5.2.2
    • Backup Plus DVD Edition 1.1.0
    • Acala DVD Copy 3.3.4

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    Re: Can I use iTopsoft DVD Copy in Windows 7

    To use iTopsoft DVD Copy in Windows 7, you will have to do set the system in the compatibility mode by using the troubleshoot compatibility option that can be found when you right-click on the icon of the particular application or program. You can let the system to find the errors that the application is running when it runs in Windows 7 or you yourself can specify the errors that you are finding when the application runs. If the application runs fine after doing the troubleshoot, then apply the settings for the future.

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