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Thread: How to remove Avira Antivirus program

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    How to remove Avira Antivirus program

    Since so many others are having trouble removing Avira antivirus program I thought I would post this solution that worked for me. First of all, I use Win Vista program removal program but this left the Avira program folder intact on the C drive. Every time I tried to remove it I got the Destination Folder Access Denied dialog with the error "I need permission to perform this action". I changed permissions for all the files and folders in the Avira program folder, but still got the error!!! (any one know why this happens so frequently in Win Vista?).

    What finally worked was that I reinstalled Avira again and rebooted. Then I ran the Avira installer again but chose the option to remove all components. This worked! All traces were removed. I then ran CC Cleaner to make sure. Hopefully, this also stops the pop up to buy the product.

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    Re: How to remove Avira Antivirus program

    Hello !!! friends i also had this problem with my system but finally i got the solution when i performed the steps which i have mentioned below:

    * Uninstall avast from Control Panel first and reboot your machine .
    * Then Download the latest version of Avast Uninstall and use it for complete uninstallation. (You may be required to boot in safe mode)
    * Again boot your system.
    * Now you can install the latest version of the avira antivirus program.
    * Reboot your machine and your problem will be fixed.
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