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Thread: Error with the password saved on a USB stick

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    Error with the password saved on a USB stick

    Good evening,

    I have just committed a big mistake by having saved on my USB key new Administrator password that I had to change on my wife's computer.

    Then I put my USB key on my computer (which does not have administrator password), which was paused, thinking it would "boot" on ?..... the USB key and above Now ask me a password that does not recognize of course.

    I tried going through Safe Mode without obviously sucked. I have no access to food, not backup registry accessible brief the mess. I do not know what to do.

    Think that you remove the password of my wife's computer back up again this manip on the USB drive and then boot from the USB key that indicates that no password would solve the problem?

    Sincerely thank you for reading and pleasure reading you.

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    Re: Error with the password saved on a USB stick


    How did you do to save the password on the key ? Are you using vista or XP?

    The password it asks you is what level exactly? Start outright, or else your session administrator that you ask?

    Have you tried by changing the boot priority in the BIOS! make sure that your computer boots from the hard drive and not on removable media (like USB)

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    Re: Error with the password saved on a USB stick

    Hello and thank you for your response.

    Firstly yes, I am on XP Pro. FYI It offers a wizard to save the administrator password on a medium of your choice. any more ideas?

    thank you for the rest if there can be.

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    Re: Error with the password saved on a USB stick

    Ok, have you created a support reset password? But the blow for such manipulation, resetting the password is required only on request: Windows boot screen and logon, you have a link to reset your password using a removable media (like a USB stick for example.)

    But in your case, you say you created this key on another machine (equipped with XP)! So the algorithm is not the same. And is your USB key bootable?

    If you leave the field blank password and you valid, it passes? In Safe Mode, don't you have another Administrator account that appears? Have you combiend accounts on your machine?

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    Re: Error with the password saved on a USB stick

    The passwords on the BIOS for the password protection for BIOS settings, so no way to change anything above before entering the password. And a password to have access to Windows! Without this password, the computer freezes on a black window asking for a password and no way to go further before entering the password required.

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