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Thread: Error : User Profile Load 500 (0x1F4)

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    Error : User Profile Load 500 (0x1F4)

    Hello, I am using Windows xp operating system on my computer. And currently getting problem with it. When I try to Login with my user account it gives me error of User Profile Load 500 (0x1F4). Can anyone give me solution regarding this. I will be thankful to you.

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    Re: Error : User Profile Load 500 (0x1F4)

    I think you need to use the Administration account and then you can able to login into the computer. After login to the computer by visiting account information you can able to know the status of your account. Then you can able to do changes to your user profile and also save it if you have perform any change. So, just do it.

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    Re: Error : User Profile Load 500 (0x1F4)

    If you are getting the error as below:
    Then it states that :User profile cannot be loaded.

    So, it is necessary to perform the settings which will load your user profile. So, just perform it and solve your problem.

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    Re: Error : User Profile Load 500 (0x1F4)

    You need to follow the steps below to solve your problem:
    • Connect to the admin share, or log on locally to the affected computer.
    • Load and edit the permissions in the "default user" Ntuser.dat file. To perform this step, you must load the Ntuser.dat file as a registry hive:
      1. Start Regedt32.exe.
      2. Click the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE hive.
      3. On the Registry menu, click Load Hive.
      4. Specify the Ntuser.dat file at the %Systemroot%\Profiles\Default User folder on the affected computer.
      5. You are asked to specify a "key name." This key name is used to identify the hive that you are loading and is a subkey of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Enter any name that is not already in use.
      6. Locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Key Name/Software/Microsoft/Protected Storage System Provider/Sid. The security identifier (SID) is for the user who created the profile that had been copied to the default user (for example, S-1-5-21-1234567890-1234567890-123456789-1001). The SID can be unavailable because you do not have permission to access this key. Click this key. On the Security menu, click Permissions, and then add the group "Everyone" with full control access.
      7. Click the key name. On the Registry menu, click Unload.
    • Replace the Ntuser.dat file or the entire user profile for "default user" with an unmodified copy from another computer. This step, however, is not recommended because a new user can lose the benefit of obtaining a preconfigured default profile.

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    Re: Error : User Profile Load 500 (0x1F4)

    Hey, I am also getting quiet similar error. When It try to install Systems Management Server version 2.0 client software on my computer I got the following error message:
    Unable to load your profile, please contact your administrator.
    Can anyone has an idea to solve this error problem.

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    Re: Error : User Profile Load 500 (0x1F4)

    First take backup of all your data and then simply take backup of data from the account of administrator and then simply delete that account from you computer. Then you can simply try to create another profile and able to use that. So, it will solve your problem. If your existing profile is having any problem then you will able to get the solution for that also with new profile.

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