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Thread: Invalid partition table

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    Invalid partition table

    Recently upgraded from Win XP to Win 7 using upgrade disc. mostly went well. Been using Norton 360 V3 which eventually decided to install correct Win 7 version. After a few days Norton froze and caused pc to crash. On reboot 'Invalid Partition table' came up. I've checked that motherboard is set to boot from DVD drive but when inserting Win 7 disc nothing happens. Don't know what else to try. Hopefully someone can help! Will i have to reinstall XP again in order that Win 7 upgrade will install? Thank in antipation of you help.

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    Re: Invalid partition table

    I would recommend you to delete the partitions by using the utility disc from the boot mode and then reinstall the application with the disc by assigning proper format for the drives. This would resolve your problem.

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    Re: Invalid partition table

    Here are some threads, that will solve your problem with invalid partition table:


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