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Thread: windows wont start in normal mode/freezs up

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    windows wont start in normal mode/freezs up

    i just reinstalled windows xp home it all went well started up great but after about an hour it froze up and the moniter powerd down. now i cant start up in normal mode so i reinstalled windows again but it wont even start up after installing it. any help would be great thanks.

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    Re: windows wont start in normal mode/freezs up

    Quite often, this can be caused by faulty components on the motherboard. It is easy to get into Safe Mode. It is done while you are switching on (booting) your computer. You problem could be also related to hardware or software. Could it be overheating rather than a software problem? Have you ever opened the case & blown the dust out of it especially the CPU fan & heatsink? n Safe Mode, only your basic drivers and programs will show up (enough to let you as least try to reconfigure the Windows errors that might have happened or remove virus that become active only when starting your PC normally.)

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    Re: windows wont start in normal mode/freezs up

    Firstly i would like to know the configuration of your computer system. If you have reinstalled the operating system and nothing works for you then i think that there is a problem in your hard drive so try to remove one RAM from the computer if your have two RAM's installed on your mother board and then restart your computer and see if this works for you.

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    Re: windows wont start in normal mode/freezs up

    Get the hard disk of your computer checked. It is possible that it may have developed bad clusters. Try booting the system in safe mode and then run the CHKDSK utility to check the consistency of the drive.

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