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Thread: Gentoo operating system vs Debian operating system.

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    Gentoo operating system vs Debian operating system.

    Well there are many operating systems available in the market which one to choose is confusing. I am not talking about the operating system like windows or linux. I want the comparison between the Gentoo and Debian operating system. Both the operating systems have their own good feature but I want to know what the other users think about these operating system. I will be waiting for any related reply.

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    Re: Gentoo operating system vs Debian operating system.

    Gentoo operating system is designed and optimized for the targeted hardware. Gentoo operating system does not rely on binary packages. Gentoo operating system takes several weeks to install and configure but according to me it is worth because of its control and speed. Well on the other hand Debian is a firm, established and popular operating system. It is packed with the tools like APT and the large number of free software. Debian has a very friendly operating system environment.

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    Re: Supported architectures

    Choosing the operating system for your system depends upon which system architecture your are having? I will give the details of supported architectures of both the operating systems. Well Gentoo operating system supports 2006.1: alpha, hppa (hppa 1.1, hppa 2.0), amd64, ppc (G4, G5, power3, power4, power5, ppc64, ppc), sparc (sparc32, sparc64) x86 (x86, i686) while on the other hand Debian support Alpha, ARM, HPPA, IA64, MIPS, PPC, S390, SPARC, X86 (i386/amd64). Now it will be clear that which operating system you have to go for.

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    Re: Gentoo operating system is a freeware

    Gentoo operating system comes for free. Gentoo comes with Gnome Live-CD. It also comes with a graphical installer. The graphical installer is not user friendly so it is not advisable for the novice users. If user wants an easy way he can go for manual way. For installing Gentoo operating system, user has to enter appropriate commands which are described in the installation manual. For doing this task it takes several days. So it will be clear every newbie cannot do this task of installing Gentoo operating system.

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    Re: Gentoo operating system vs Debian operating system.

    Debian operating system does not come for free. Debian operating system comes with installer which is user friendly. Means Debian Sarge installer is specifically designed for non technical users. For advance users there are many options available. So they can choose their way. Debian installer is user friendly, established, and it is free from bugs. The packages which are provided with this operating system are well described. The looks of this operating system is not as good as Fedora but it work well.

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