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Thread: Show Hidden Files in Mac OS X

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    Show Hidden Files in Mac OS X

    I am using Mac OS X. I want to know the procedure to find Hidden Files. In my previous windows xp system < from folder option it is possible. I need to locate a file that i just can't seem to find. Do i need to go through the Terminal to access those files?

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    Re: Show Hidden Files in Mac OS X

    By default, Mac OS X's Finder keeps system files - which generally start with a dot, like .bash_profile - out of your sight. Launch the Terminal which is under Applications > In AppleShowAllFiles set true" at the command prompt, right after the dollar sign. Open up a Finder window by going to the Dock and clicking on the Finder icon and then type the file name...

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    Re: Show Hidden Files in Mac OS X

    Mac OS X volumes contain quite a few files and directories (aka folders) that are invisible from the Finder (and many other interfaces). In the Terminal type:defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE killall Finder. The file in created by the Finder to keep track of folder view options, icon positions, and other visual information about folders.

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    Re: Show Hidden Files in Mac OS X

    Mac OS X expands the use of invisible files far beyond anything attempted by the Classic OS. If you need to see hidden files, use the following command:defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -boolean true killall Finder. There are more invisible files in Mac OS X, more ways to make files invisible, and more ways to get in and out of trouble by accessing these files.

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    Re: Show Hidden Files in Mac OS X

    In Mac OS X, you search for items by using the Finder's toolbar or the Finder's Find command. Finder can't make invisible files or folders permanently visible. It is normal for Mac OS X to store some files in invisible folders (directories). Check this for more information : Finding files and folders in Mac OS X

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