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Thread: Simple tips to improve MAC desktop

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    Simple tips to improve MAC desktop

    I need some tips to improve my MAC system speed. Sometime it works slow but on the same hand on removing some application it work properly. Like in Windows using Task Manager or registry repairer we can boost up the system performance. The same I need for MAC. What are the most easiest way to improve a bit speed of MAC system in case of any error or crash.

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    Re: Simple tips to improve MAC desktop

    As the Apple Macs is little good and we can be reliable on it, as they used to put away the old thing as it comes in to a dead line. As it is the product of the Apple. May be there a million things be wrong with the Mac. In many case it take a lot of time to solve that problem. There are some common steps by which you can fix and solve that problem.

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    Re: Simple tips to improve MAC desktop

    There are some simple tips to improve the MAC desktop. And the troubleshooting tricks in it that also you can try. Go line by line first try the step by is given above if it do not work then you try the next steps. You restart the MAC. It will give you the answer in a classic tech. If it is no doing good the you have to shut down it. And after a few second on it again.

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    Re: Simple tips to improve MAC desktop

    If the first step do not work then you try this. Some time it create problem due to bugs in it. If the software is of a old version. If there is a problem in a particular app. Then you see for the new version if you get. You up date menu with the name given in the help menu. Then you up date your data and the software in it, choose Apple > Software Update.

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    Re: Simple tips to improve MAC desktop

    You have to disconnect peripherals and the network cables. As the Mac is running you are able to no the problem in it. And when you have to plug it out then the fault inside it will be itself. You try to shut down the MAC after that disconnect the cable connection from it. Then the power supply and the cable also the keyboard and the mouse.

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    Re: Simple tips to improve MAC desktop

    As the troubleshooting in the Mac is little difficult as the troubleshooting without the help will be like shooting in the dark where we cannot see any things and so we can do any thing there. Apple try to give us more information on the problem for what you have asked a question to the problem. As the forums are updated by thousand of people who are using Apple so there is a chance of getting good reply to your question.

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