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Thread: How to create bootable USB drive of RedHat disk ISO image.

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    How to create bootable USB drive of RedHat disk ISO image.

    Hi ,

    I am using Windows Xp operating system in my PC. Now i want to run another operating system on my PC that is Linux RedHat. I don't have CD/DVD drive on system, so i want to create bootable USB drive from Redhat Linux ISO image. Can anybody know that how can create or what is the procedure of that. Thanks for any suggestion or advice.

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    SO2USB utility has create bootable USB drive of RedHat disk ISO image.

    There are one utility called SO2USB, that help to create bootable USB drive for Red Hat disk ISO image. It will install Red Hat on system that does not have optical CD or DVD drives. The steps are very easy , you need to make bootable USB drive from ISO image or install disk. It have features like Custom installation disks,simple interface for quick bootable USB drive creation and Image may be adapted for installation from RS-232 serial console

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    Freeware tool ISO2USB for CentOS/RedHat to create bootable USB

    The freeware tool ISO2USB for CentOS/RedHat which is a simple, easy to use utility designed to create bootable USB drive from RedHat installation disk or corresponding ISO image. It will support Windows XP and the source code of ISO2USB is based on a cross-platform Qt4 library so it can be easily ported to other operating systems.

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    USB boot device for Redhat.

    The Procedure is to make bootable USB drive for REDHAT is follows :Just insert usb memory on host computer , and turn up as da0 , then you will find a iso2usb 6.3-RELEASE-amd64-bootonly.isomeassage , d if=usbimg.xyz123 of=/dev/da0 bs=1m, this will move USB memory to target computer then reboot your system. But please noted down that USB will the first device boot preference for your system.

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    UNetbootin utility to create the USB boot device

    UNetbootin is the another utility to create the USB boot device for REDHAT Linux iso image. It allows you to create bootable Live USB drives for a variety of Linux distributions from Windows without requiring you to burn a CD. You need a broadband internet connection to download the distribution's .iso file.

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    UNetbootin works easily to create and boot to Redhat.

    I am using UNetbootin for create Redhat bootable file for USB. It works as downloads and extracts an ISO file to your USB drive and generates an appropriate syslinux config file and makes USB drive bootable using syslinux. First it will install all the distribution file to windows and need to restart the System for boot yo Linux Radhat.

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