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Thread: Audio buzz after installing Windows 7

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    Audio buzz after installing Windows 7

    I have recently installed windows 7 on my desktop. The problem I am facing after installing windows 7 is that whenever i try to play audio files there is an intermittent buzzing sound which lasts for a second or two. It is very irritating as it repeats after a fixed interval of time. Cant figure out what the problem is so i need help.

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    Re: Audio buzz after installing Windows 7

    Which player do you use while playing the audio files? Try some other player to play the audio files and check if it still gives an audio buzz after fixed interval of time. Also try to uninstall the audio player you are using and reinstall it. Also check the compatibility of the player you are using window 7 before installing.

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    Re: Audio buzz after installing Windows 7

    It can be due to volume level set in the volume controller tab. Many time the system produces a loud buzz if the volume of the played song is not in the limit of reproduction. To change the settings Go to Start menu-- Accessories-- Entertainment-- Volume control. When the Volume control window is open go to advance tab and reduce the volume corresponding to CD player. Also mute the unwanted options like Mic in etc. Apply the settings and restart. Check if the sound works properly now.

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    Re: Audio buzz after installing Windows 7

    Keep the computer away from any power source. It may be happening due to it. The power source may be creating some kind of interference which is resulting in a loud buzz while playback. Many appliances such as TV etc are also affected by the interference caused by the Power source.

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    Re: Audio buzz after installing Windows 7

    Is your computer Wifi enabled? If yes then check the computers performance by turning the wifi off. Wifi may be the reason for the audio buzz. Wifi can create problems for many electrical devices. It can also create interference in telephone if it is too close to it. Also try and keep mobile phones away from the computer as they may also create interference.

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    Re: Audio buzz after installing Windows 7

    Audio drivers can also be the reason behind this. Check the drivers for your audio card and get it updated. Before updating the drivers, uninstall the currently installed drivers and then reboot the system. After rebooting let the system search for the drivers itself and then click on Automatically Search and install the drivers. After installing restart the system again and then update the drivers. This is will solve the problem.

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