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Thread: Windows 7 dual boot issue on Sony Vaio

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    Windows 7 dual boot issue on Sony Vaio

    I have recently purchased Sony Vaio vpccw15fg model, which came with a pre-installed Windows 7 on it, along with Recovery Partition. My problem is i have set my boot from as CD , but when i get to the press any key and press 1 all it does is load up the Windows 7 operating system. When I installed Windpws Xp it works fine, but as i want to dual boot it with my win 7. When I put my Recovery Discs and boots my laptop and repair my win 7, it does not shows xp in boot options. Can any one tell me that why i'm having Windows 7 dual boot issue on Sony Vaio? Does any body knows about it? Kindly help me out to resolve the above issue. Thanks.

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    Re: Windows 7 dual boot issue on Sony Vaio

    This Win7RC situation occured through the Win7 Install process (each time Win7 rebooted) and continues now that it is fully installed. What you need to do is a clean install. Back-up your data externally and boot from your windows 7 CD. Select Custom Install, format the drive and install. The only fix is to manually hit the H/W Power button to fully power off the XL302 and then Power On again, at which point the normal BIOS process, Dual Boot OS Selection and subsequent OS boot works fine.

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    Re: Windows 7 dual boot issue on Sony Vaio

    Double check to make sure that the installation disc is in the drive, and try pressing the spacebar instead to see if it may just be that key. Are you able to boot from the disc on another computer? Dual booting (or do you need xp). If you are happy with win 7 and don't need anything from xp you can delete the xp partition and may need to move the boot folder to the win 7 partiton.

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    Re: Windows 7 dual boot issue on Sony Vaio

    MBR disks support only four partition table entries. If a user wants to create more partitions - a secondary structure - an extended partition is necessary. If you recovered system using the discs provided by OEM, it is possible the whole system was restored to the original factory settings. Extended partitions can be subdivided into one or more logical disks. Only one extended partition can be present on any given drive, and the maximum number of logical drives is MAXULONG/4.Therefore, the Windows XP was probably removed from the system.

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