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Thread: How to save SAN document?

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    How to save SAN document?

    Hello friends,

    I am using Mac Operating system and i don't know how to save SAN document. SAN is acronym for storage area network. So any one with the solution please help me .

    I am waiting for the reply

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    Dr. V Guest

    Re: How to save SAN document?

    Hi there,

    If your Xsan 2.1.1 SAN includes one or more Xserve (Early 2009) or Mac Pro (Early 2009) members, you may not be able to save a SAN configuration document in Xsan Admin.

    If you already have a SAN configuration document saved, you may not be able to save changes to it, but Xsan Admin will still report the current status of the SAN. If you set up a new SAN, you may not be able to create a configuration document. Xsan Admin will present the SAN Setup assistant each time you open it.
    Products Affected

    Xserve (Early 2009), Xsan 2.1, Mac Pro (Early 2009)

    Select the "Connect to existing SAN" option in the SAN setup panel

    Thank you

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    Re: How to save SAN document?

    SAN is used for connecting remote computer storage device on to the servers
    The server should be connected in such a way that devices are connected to the OS. Earlier the cost of SAN is to high so that every body cant afford it but nowday the price is affordable to benefit the small as well bigger organization.

    The basic advantage of the SAN is the sharing storage, which reduce the cabling of the device. Now data are on server and connected to each other which provide the flexibility.

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    Re: How to save SAN document?

    Hi there,

    Xserve is the line of the sever computer It its globally come in existence in 2002. It is also know as the first server of the Apple. It is mainly known for the storage on the server. SAN uses work on the Xserve.


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