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Thread: Sbs 2008 Wsus

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    Sbs 2008 Wsus

    My C drive was getting low. I used the wsusutil.exe to move wsus data from the c drive to the d drive. It worked like a champ but I am trying to delete the old wsus folder and the c drive and i get a permissions error. I have added myself with all permissions and made myself the owner and still cant delete. I sure could use that extra 4gb of space so can someone give me a hand with this?


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    Re: Sbs 2008 Wsus

    Download the WSUS Server Debug Toolsand remove old downloaded updates with "wsusdebugtool.exe /tool:purgeunneededfiles" command. Substitute "PurgeUnneededFiles" with the file/folder name that you want to delete.

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