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Thread: Explorer not able to work on Windows XP

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    Explorer not able to work on Windows XP

    Hi. Well I have a desktop machine and working on it with an operating system Windows XP sp2. The problem am facing currently is that by explorer does not start. My system was affected by virus and due which I had scan my system completely. The thing is that after the scanning process my system is free from virus but my explorer is not able respond. Please help out. Thank you.

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    Re: Explorer not able to work on Windows XP

    Hi. It seems that when you have scanned your system the Antivirus might have deleted the .exe file of your explorer. Due to this reason you are not able to access or your explorer is not responding. You can get the .exe file by copying it from any of other source. It may work for you then. Some of the antivirus deletes the .exe file which has been affected.

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    Re: Explorer not able to work on Windows XP

    Hello. The problem is related to your executing file. It might have been damaged or corrupted by the virus. You need to replace it by copying it from any other source or try to reinstall the system completely by removing your operating system. It would be much more efficient and convenient by reinstalling the complete pack. This would resolve your problems. Good luck.

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    Re: Explorer not able to work on Windows XP

    HI. Well you can start your systems explorer by copying the file and then executing it by running the program. But this would result in complications. As you need to every time try to execute the program first in order to get the interface. It is actually a generic process that manages the user interface and Windows graphical interface. By pressing (CTRL+ALT+DELETE) You can terminate the process. Instead it would be better that you reinstall your Windows pack.

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