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Thread: How to Auto Start PC at specified time?

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    How to Auto Start PC at specified time?

    Hi, I want to know whether there would be any solution that will help me to start my computer on specified time? Even though my computer is turn off, I want to start it. Is there any such facility in windows xp operating system? Just give me any solution if you have.

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    Re: How to Auto Start PC at specified time?

    Hi, I don't think that this would be possible as any machine will require power on to run any setting or any third party solution. If you turn off your computer then it will not work. You want to start your computer at specified time, which is not possible until you do some setting such as providing any electronic support to your computer. You can't do anything for this by making any changes in your operating system's setting or by using any third party software.

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    Re: How to Auto Start PC at specified time?

    Hello, I think there would be any setting in to the BIOS which will help you in this case. I am not having that much knowledge in BIOS setting, try to get those and check whether you are getting solved with this problem or not. I have come to know that you can make your computer sleep and it can be waked up at your specified time. You can check it whether it is working or not. I think this would work for you.

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    Re: How to Auto Start PC at specified time?

    Hi, I don't think there would be any solution on this. You want to auto start your PC at specified time and I don't think it will be possible by making any setting on your computer. You have to use some other mechanism which will press your power button of computer at the time when you want your computer to be started. I don't think any solution now. But one of my friend had completed it's electronic course and he is using its mobile to start computer. When he give call on the mobile it gets started directly if it is turn off. I don't know how. I will ask him and reply you back.

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