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Thread: Unique ADMIN problem

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    Unique ADMIN problem


    I am new here. Never had a problem that google search couldn't solve but now i am facing one.
    I can't run any application that requires admin privileges as admin. Not even right-clicking and 'run as administrator' works. All it does is pop out the security permission window with the password space but the 'OK' button is faded out. I can't click on it, can't select it.
    I can't even turn UAC on or off since that also requires admin rights. i have searched but haven't found anything related to this problem. All there is offered is 'how to enable/disable admin account' but that doesn't work.
    kindly post a solution since i haven't been able to install or run any application or software. I am STUCK, literally ...

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    Re: Unique ADMIN problem

    Are you having Admin privileges? Because such problem should not rise if you have admin rights. Check if the account you are using has admin rights or not. The only way you can disable the Admin account is by logging in the admin account. To disable admin account, Log in to admin account and right click on My Computer and now select Manage. Now expand the Local Users and Groups node and select Users. Now double-click on the Admin account and in the General tab, Check mark the option saying "Disable the Admin account" and then click ok.

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    Re: Unique ADMIN problem

    It seems to me like your Computer system is Either corrupted or affected by some Virus. That's why i would suggest you to download the MABM utility and install it on your computer and then scan your computer and see whether you get rid of this problem . If this does not solve your issue then you will have to reinstall the Operating system.

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