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Thread: Windows 7 Starter on Acer Aspire 3683NWXCi

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    Windows 7 Starter on Acer Aspire 3683NWXCi

    I am having an Acer Aspire 3683NWXCi Laptop. Its configuration is Intel Celeron M 430 processor, with a Intel 940GML Chipset motherboard, RAM of 512MB DDR2 and an 80GB hard disk. Recently I learnt about the Windows 7 Starter edition operating system. I want to know should I install it on my Acer Laptop? And how is this Windows 7 Starter edition?

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    Re: Windows 7 Starter on Acer Aspire 3683NWXCi

    Windows 7 Starter edition is the most crap very version Operating System introdued by Windows. The end-user is only allowed to run at the most any three application together at any given point of time. Microsoft although made it very clear that the anti-virus process is not counted in the restriction of three process. But still if you are running a Gtalk, an internet browser such as Internet Explorer and a Solitaire game. then you won't be able to listen to music because already three applications are running.

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    Re: Windows 7 Starter on Acer Aspire 3683NWXCi

    Windows earlier had launched 'Starter' editions with Windows XP and followed the same for Windows Vista. Now they have launched the same with Windows 7, and launched the Starter edition for Windows 7. This Starter edition is basically for users who are now to Windows 7. This Windows 7 Starter is been basically designed for entry-level Laptops. Although for business users of Windows there is no Domain support provided in Windows 7 Starter edition. Also multiple user Login is not permitted without been asked to Log-Off.

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    Re: Windows 7 Starter on Acer Aspire 3683NWXCi

    The new Windows Starter edition for Windows 7 is being aimed at new users and computer with a low hardware support. The main feature or for most the drawback of this Starter Edition is that you are allowed acces to only 3 applications simultaneously. But user is allowed to join a local network to transfer and share files via. Home-Group. Although the user cannot generate these homegroups.

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