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Thread: Problems in accessibilty of programs with vista

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    Problems in accessibilty of programs with vista

    Hi. Well I am using Windows Vista Ultimate edition on my Intel pentium core 2 duo processor system having 2Gb ddr2 Ram. The problem is I am not able to access to my programs at a faster rate. Basically when i do try to open any folder it takes a long time to open. Sometimes it freezes often. What could be the problem? please provide me with the solution. Thank you!

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    Re: Problems in accessibilty of programs with vista

    Well the problem might be that your system may have been affected by a virus. You might have installed a program or downloaded any stuff that might have contained virus. While accessing to such programs it leads the to activation of virus and it starts executing. Due to this it slows down your system and do not allow you to process at a faster rate. Scan your system with a good antivirus.

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    Re: Problems in accessibilty of programs with vista

    You may have installed the operating system which is improper. There is a possibility that your operating system might have some problems due to which it is not functioning properly. If there is no virus problem then you need to check out for the copy of your software. Try to install any other OS. Install Windows 7. It is much more faster and better.

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    Re: Problems in accessibilty of programs with vista

    Other than virus and the copy of your software worries there can be an other issue that your hard disk might be full. If your drives are full and has very less space this also leads to slow processing of your programs. As your memory gets full the accessibility to various folders or programs executes at a slower rate. The performance of your system low downs. Check out if that is an issue. Delete unnecessary files and folders. Hope this will work for you.

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