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Thread: How To Add Linux User To Group

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    How To Add Linux User To Group

    I am running linux on my system and i want to know the procedure to add Linux user to group. Is there any tool or software which allow to add delete and modify the user rights and permission.

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    Re: How To Add Linux User To Group

    You can use useradd or usermod commands to add a user to a group in linux. The useradd command in linux is use to add the user in the linux and you also use this command to change settings. The usermod command changes attributes for the user identified by the login parameter. The user name must already exist. There are two types of group. First is primary user group and other is secondary group. All user account related information is stored in /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow and /etc/group files to store user information.

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    Re: How To Add Linux User To Group

    All Linux users have a user ID and a group ID and a unique numerical identification number called a userid (UID) and a groupid (GID) respectively. A group is a way to organize users on any Unix-based machine including Linux. Members of a group can share files and directories. The User Manager allows you to view, modify, add, and delete local users and groups.

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    Re: How To Add Linux User To Group

    The "-m" command in linux creates the home directory specified by "-d". useradd - Create a new user or update default new user information. usermod command enables a super user or root user to modify a users account. -p will allow you to define the users password. The p argument is always followed by the actual password for the user.

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