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Thread: Need some serious help!!!!

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    techiekaran Guest

    Need some serious help!!!!

    Hello all!

    Here is the present:
    I have 1gig RAM
    40gig HDD - Approx 10 gig Free
    2 GHz processor
    Windows XP SP2 running on it
    And 8 gig Pen drive

    What I need:
    I have downloaded Windows 7 iso. And, the installation process says to burn it on a DVD. I do not have a DVD burner or reader!
    I want to install 7. How do I o that on my rig! I have downloaded Damon tools but have no idea what to do. Plus, I want to uninstall my current XP..after 7 goes perfect....

    Please help!!!


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    Re: Need some serious help!!!!

    Well if you want to install windows 7, I don't think without burning a DVD its possible. You need to burn the ISO in a DVD & then install it.
    Install it as a single OS & not try to dual boot along with your existing XP in the 10gb of free space.
    I advice you to get an external DVD burner attached to your PC & burn the ISO.

    I have never tried to install any OS using demon tool. or any mounting application.
    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Need some serious help!!!!

    Hey I think its possible to install Windows 7 without burning it on a DVD.
    The method I have read somewhere but it was out of my understandings. It was asked for some software which makes it possible to install Windows 7 without DVD drive or USB drive.

    I hope someone will come up with a guide for this.

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    pccare_himanshu Guest

    Re: Need some serious help!!!!

    First of all run this upgrade advisor tool to check whether your system is compatible with windows 7 or not

    And you can install windows 7 only by fresh install
    U can try use FLASH DRIVE
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    techiekaran Guest

    Re: Need some serious help!!!!

    @pccare_himanshu: Thanks for the link...Here is the report that is not fine...Rest all is fine:

    Custom installation required
    You'll need to perform a custom installation of 32-bit Windows 7 and then reinstall your programs. Make sure to back up your files before you begin.
    Go online to get important information about installing Windows 7 on a PC running Windows XP

    Windows Aero support
    Your current graphics adapter won't support the Windows Aero user interface. If you want to experience the benefits of Windows Aero, contact your PC manufacturer or retailer to see if an upgrade is available.
    Go online to learn more about Windows Aero

    16 GB free hard disk space required
    You need at least 16 GB of free space on your hard disk to install 32-bit Windows 7. Either make room by removing unwanted files from your hard disk, or contact your PC manufacturer or retailer to see if a hard disk with more capacity is available for your PC.

    Outlook Express
    This program is no longer included in Windows 7. You can get similar programs for Windows 7 from other software manufacturers.
    Go to the Microsoft website to learn more
    Should I install Win 7 now>???

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    pccare_himanshu Guest

    Re: Need some serious help!!!!

    Hi Karan

    I will advice you to upgrade your system hardware and then install Win7

    as even if you install win7 you cannot enjoy all the features

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    Re: Need some serious help!!!!

    For installing Windows 7 on your system, you need to check out the following links. The method is very simple and you can use without any hassles. The first thing to do is check whether your desktop or laptop PC is capable of running Windows 7. Needless to say that your motherboard should support USB Boot feature to make use of the bootable USB drive. Officially, you need at least a 1-GHz CPU and 1GB RAM, but testers of the OS have successfully got it running on machines as out of date as a 266-MHz Pentium II with 96MB of RAM.

    Partition tool to install windows 7

    Is it possibles to install Windows 7 more than three times

    Unable to Install windows XP over windows 7

    How to install Windows 7 on a virtual hard disk (VHD) in 10 steps

    How to Install Windows 7 RC ?

    How to install Windows 7 icons

    Hope so it may help you to resolve your above issue.

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    techiekaran Guest

    Re: Need some serious help!!!!

    ^^Thanks for the link..But, I am on XP and most of these are for Vista!

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