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Thread: How to open rar.001 file?

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    How to open rar.001 file?

    I am running windows xp on my computer and i recently downloaded a file .rar .001, .003. Is this virus? How to open or extract rar.001 file? When i try to open it from winrar it won't allow me... Does anyone know what causes this issue and how to fix it?Any help will be extremely appreciated.

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    Re: How to open rar.001 file?

    .rar volumes are a compressed file format, like a Zip file. Have you tried to rename it and remove the '.001' from the rar.001? If it's .rar (Extract with winRAR) If it has .r00 & .rar (Right click .r00 & extract with winRAR).

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    Re: How to open rar.001 file?

    Rar files are compressed archives. These files are part of a split rar archive. If you want to open Rar files on a Windows PC you need to use BitZipper 2009.2 .r03 files. These files are part of a split rar archive. Much like a zip file, a rar file is a compressed version of what you downloaded. It can open Rar files, Zip files and just about any other compressed or encoded file format you are ever likely to come across in the future.

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    Re: How to open rar.001 file?

    To extract rar.001 Simply right click the first volume and choose extract here (all the parts must be in the same folder). If that doesn't work then you need to use 7-Zip. Ii is a High compression ratio in new 7z format with LZMA compression. It is Open source Windows utility for manipulating archives. Formats 7z, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2 and TAR are supported fully, other formats can be unpacked.

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    Re: How to open rar.001 file?

    Rar files are the most common multi-part file type. To extract rar.001 you need to download WinRar. Normally these files are not compressed like RAR files, but just split by a file splitter, without compression. Joining would be a better term for what we are about to do.

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