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Thread: How to find Character map on mac pc?

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    How to find Character map on mac pc?


    I wanted to find a character to paste in some text, I looked under Tools and applications, but without success. Mac OS X does not have an equivalent of the character map window that tells you how to make foreign characters and accents in pages?

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    Re: How to find Character map on mac pc?

    You can see the character map in the menu bar. Go to System Preferences, then to International - Input Menu. Select all the designs to be used (eg U.S., Italian PRO), and select "Character Palette". Then you will see a small flag in your menu bar to indicate the keyboard layout, scroll down you will see the flag character palette, and clicking it opens a new window.

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    Re: How to find Character map on mac pc?

    To find Character map on mac pc:
    1. Open System Preferences International
    2. Select "Input Menu"
    3. Make sure "Character Palette" is checked
    4. Make sure "Show input menu bar" is checked

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    Re: How to find Character map on mac pc?

    A much simpler way to get what you want (a character map) is to click on the Edit menu and select special characters right at the bottom of the menu. This should be available in most applications, but once you up the character palette can be used in any application. Just the cursor where you want the charcter and double-click the special character.

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