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Thread: Skype with Snow Leopard no video screen

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    Skype with Snow Leopard no video screen

    I recently installed Snow Leopard and one of the few concerns that I met at present is the fact of not being able to do videoconferencing with Skype. I have 10.6.0 and Skype Since the passage under 10.6 I snow a green screen instead of video. I do not know what to do. any one can help me ?

    Thank you.

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    re: Skype with Snow Leopard no video screen

    I have same the problem with visibility. It only works one way. I can see my correspondent but it is with the minority if I can start first but other one does not able see me and vice versa ... I do not understand where is the problem with Network or Software

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    re: Skype with Snow Leopard no video screen

    Probably Snow Leopard is concerned. From my side it is CyberDuck that no longer works, An open source FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Mosso Cloud Files and Amazon S3 browser for the Mac. Apple did not release the Apps that are more compatible, I find it a pity ... And I think more surprises are coming

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    idea Re: Skype with Snow Leopard no video screen

    Hey, check out this fix from the Skype Forums

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