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Thread: Help with XP Computer Management Console

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    Help with XP Computer Management Console

    Hi,, i am a windows XP user. To day i was just trying to learn something under Computer Management Tool, well i did. But got confused with a sections called Services & Applications. I am not able to understand what are those services and what is to be done with them. could you guys please give me some tips about XP Computer Management Console ? Help appreciated.

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    Re: Help with XP Computer Management Console

    Computer Management is a collection of Windows administrative tools that you can use to manage a local or remote computer.It allows you to control several aspects of the system from one location. It is designed to assist the support tech in performing basic troubleshooting and maintenance tasks on a client computer.The tools are organized into a single console, which makes it easy to view administrative properties and to gain access to the tools that are necessary to perform your computer-management tasks.

    Under Services And Applications there are all services that run by an OS. Out of all those services some are optional and some services are necessary for the functioning of the system. Windows XP treats a service similarly to a program, so if an OS function were to have a problem, only the service associated with the function would shut down, leaving the remainder of the OS functional. The actual set of tools and services that is listed in Computer Management depends on the services that are installed on the host computer.

    You can start, stop, pause, resume, or disable a service.Use Services to manage services on local and remote computers. Use WMI Control to configure and manage the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) service.Use Indexing Service to manage the Indexing service, and to create and configure additional catalogs to store index information.

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    Re: Help with XP Computer Management Console

    Under XP Computer Management Console any service can be stopped, started or restarted by right-clicking on the service name and then selecting the appropriate option. To Use Computer Management on the Local Computer, you must be logged on as Administrator or as a member of the Administrators group and follow this steps:-

    1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel. Click Performance and Maintenance, click Administrative Tools, and then double-click Computer Management.
    2. The Computer Management window for the local computer is displayed. "Computer Management (Local)" is displayed at the root of the console tree.
    3. In the console tree, expand System Tools, Storage, or Services and Applications to view the tools and services in each of these containers.
    4. Click the item that you want (for example, Event Viewer) to use the tool, and then view the information that is associated with it.

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    Re: Help with XP Computer Management Console

    The Computer Management console is grouped into the following three major categories in the console tree: System Tools, Storage, and Services and Applications.The Computer Management console consists of a window divided into two panes. The left pane contains the console tree; the right pane contains details. When you click an item in the console tree, information about that item is displayed in the details pane. The information that is displayed is specific to the item that you select.

    For more help with Computer Management console you can use Help. To use Computer Management Help or to use the Help files for any of the individual administrative tools that are contained in Computer Management:-

    • Start Computer Management.
    • Use either of the following steps:
      • In the console tree, right-click the item that you want (for example, Computer Management or Device Manager), and then click Help.
      • Click the item in the console tree (for example, Device Manager or Computer Management), and then click Help on the Action menu.

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