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Thread: Media center does not found QAM channels

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    Media center does not found QAM channels

    I have HTPC at home which run on a Windows 7 Media Center. Here everything is working smooth with no problems. The only thing which troubles me is the ClearQAM channel guide. The guide does not shows all the QAM channels. I have manually add them again and again. And sometime the guide does not give me the information but just the simple channel number. So I want some solution for this problem. Every time creating a guide is irritating job. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Media center does not found QAM channels

    I am listing you a proper way to create you own new QAM TV guide. This can help to sort your issue out. I will recommend you to put EyeTV for the same. When you run it will scan for the channels and show you a list of channles. At the top of list in the EPG section you can select the channels. This channels are the QAM channel and the plug in will be remove the problem of adding up channels again and again.

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    Re: Media center does not found QAM channels

    I will recommend you to download AverMedia Tv application. It is a freeware tool which has a in built tuner. This tuner can add up to 780 only OTA channels. If you try a older version of this plug in then you can simple OTA channels also. The tuner look for the QAM channels and add then on the list as per the need of the user. You have to just configure it only one time. I am using this program and found it quiet useful. It is possible that your guide list is corrupted or damaged. Run a Media Center recovery process to resolve the problem.

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    Re: Media center does not found QAM channels

    Here is a simple way to recover your old guide whenever it is lost or deleted. By this you do not need to manually add the channels again and again. Just first create your gude. Then in your Media Center pc Click on Start > control panel > system and security > administrative tool > schedule task. Now go to Task Scheduler > microsoft > windows > media center. In the right side right click and select ObjectStoreRecoveryTask. Now select run. This process will every time copy your guide and help you to restore it back again.

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