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Thread: How can you prevent deleting folders but allow deleting files

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    How can you prevent deleting folders but allow deleting files


    I want to create multiple (sub)folders where users may add/change/delete files but NOT subfolders. Does anyone know how to do this. Because the option "delete" allows deletion of files and subfolders and the option "Delete Subfolders and Files" also.

    I want to create three folders (each one is a subfolder of his parent) where some user-groups are granted the rights mentioned above, but i want to disallow deletion of subfolders of these three folders.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: How can you prevent deleting folders but allow deleting files

    In Windows ? You can manage all this permissions in NTFS . First you have give admin full control on the folder on mai security page. Then give users which want basic permission for folder such as read, list,execute, write etc. Permissions that you have assign on the main security page apply to folder/subfolders/files. Then to allow users to delete files in the advanced permissions page add the users group again and give them delete permission for files only or subfolders and files only in the apply onto box depending on what your needs are

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