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Thread: Decrypt the Encrypted QAM channels

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    Decrypt the Encrypted QAM channels

    I have a Vista media center pc at my home. Now I have a ATI TV tuner card installed in my system. I have some doubts in my mind. I do not have any problem in playing OTA channels. My antenna sometime even catch some free QAM channels. I need to know that is there any tuner or box which can catch the QAM channels and display them on my Media Center computer. I was trying to looking out for a solution here. Those are I know they are encrypted which can only be viewed by a Digital box. But is it possible to add up a new QAM tuner and catch those channels. Has anyone tried to do this before. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Decrypt the Encrypted QAM channels

    You can add up a QAM tuner which can only read a ClearQAM signal. That does not means that you can view those channel without a subscription service. Here see how it works. The tuner in your system is QAM. The FCC here needs an acceptance from the cable company for a local broadcast wihch is available without a stb. There is no special adaptor or tuner available for this. There are some free QAM channels which you can view. But most of them are encrypted.

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    Re: Decrypt the Encrypted QAM channels

    QAM is not a type of free channel system. It is a type of broadcasting signal. It used by cable company to broadcast channels to it many users. The QAM signal needs a mpeg support system to work. The cable company put up a Digital Set top box on your subscription and then your system is provided access to the cable tv. So if you even try to put any QAM tuner it will only read the free OTA channels. Now the subscribed one. There is no decoder related to this.

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    Re: Decrypt the Encrypted QAM channels

    Well it is not exactly possible what are trying to do. The QAM channels are decrypted by the cable company and it is accessed by a Digital Decoder which is setup to your home by the service provider. An traditional antenna can only read the free local channels. But cable company gives access to this also. After adding a digital set top box you get access hundreds of channels. This is a subscription service and it is not available for free.

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