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Thread: How to Wipe my Harddrive

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    How to Wipe my Harddrive

    Hello, I wonder how to wipe my hard drive? Over time I have .... sometimes accumulate a lot file in downloads .. and now would like to clean without removing ... something important or essential to my computer! , or better i take backup give me any suggestions

    Thank you in advance
    Requirements: Windows XP

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    Re: How to Wipe my Harddrive

    You can use ccleaner software that allows to remove everything that is not useful to your pc, after that you can spend sometime in defragmentation

    you can go to start
    • All programs
    • Accessories
    • system tools
    • then defragmenter

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    Re: How to Wipe my Harddrive

    Erase Hard Drive Data with WipeDrive
    If you plan to get rid of your computer or if your computer has slowed down, then you're in the right place.

    WipeDrive Resolves These Two Problems
    Erase Data Before You Clean Your Computer
    Your computer has traces of your personal information. Identity thieves are targeting discarded computers to search for data from hard drives that have not been erased. Use WipeDrive before getting rid of your computer to avoid identity theft.

    Wipe your PC and make it "Excellent
    If your computer is slow, this is probably due to unnecessary data that was stored, or an infection. With WipeDrive you can completely erase the hard drive of your computer to take on a good base with a hard drive "like new".

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    Re: How to Wipe my Harddrive

    Download Active Kill Disk

    Even after deleting and formatting your disks, programs are still able to restore your data which can be a problem for data security companies. Active Kill Disk - Hard Drive Eraser is a program dedicated to the permanent removal of all data on your uses to do the Gutmann method used by the Department of Defense. It offers several modes of action, or deletes data from an entire disk from a bootable disk or regular cleaning of free space on your hard drive. It supports FAT32 and NTFS drives as well as the command-line mode.

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