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Thread: TroubleShoot for PC Freeze

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    TroubleShoot for PC Freeze

    I have a computer installed Windows XP & my computer freezes on working more then an hour on this computer... This computer is more then 7 years old... So i don't know what the problem is about... But anyone know the troubleshoot for these computer freeze....???

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    Re: TroubleShoot for PC Freeze

    Yes indeed I have seen on the net that there was a good chance that this is the memory that is in question. You need to update your bios might be the problem with the Bios. But I have not found the same sequence referenced error. I will try memtest.

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    Re: TroubleShoot for PC Freeze

    If the system is freze, will have to be re initiated. For it, maintains pulsation; "Ctrl" and "Alt" keys. Although the celebration of both keys, presses the button "Delete" twice the key. This must extinguish the system and automatically it reinitialize. If the equipment does not respond, tries the been brief method of keyboard once again. If one stays congealed and it is not reinitialized, it will have to realize a dull one. This means, simply, beating and maintaining pressed the ignition button until the computer goes out completely. Once one has gone out, it outside lets by minutes and soon ignite the camera once again.

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