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Thread: setting up ubuntu vncviewer

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    setting up ubuntu vncviewer

    Hi guys, i am new to linux and i need help with remote desktop in ubuntu with windows xp. My Windows XP already has remote desktop installed by default. While searching i came to know that i need to use vncviewer in order to remote desktop ubuntu and Windows XP. Can anyone help me in setting up ubuntu vncviewer? Would really appreciate your help... Thanks in advance...

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    Re: setting up ubuntu vncviewer

    What exactly are you planning to do? Do you want to access windows XP from remote location on ubuntu linux or you want to access ubuntu from remote location on windows XP? Well VNCviewer is used to view the remote computer's screen on your computer. You will need to setup UltraVNC on Windows XP, which will install VNCviewer and VNCserver both. then you can use VNCviewer to see ubuntu from a remote location from Windows.

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    Re: setting up ubuntu vncviewer

    I think you are getting it wrongly. My Windows Computer already has Remote Dekstop, I want to setup VNCviewer on my ubuntu computer. I am planning to use both the computer. Sometimes i will use ubuntu and Windows XP will be my remote computer and sometimes i will use Windows XP and ubuntu will be my remote computer. Is it possible or any one can be used as remote computer? Please help...

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    Re: setting up ubuntu vncviewer

    You can use both ways as you are planning. But the solution you are thinking that is using the windows XP's default remote dekstop software, that will not work. Ubuntu linux supports its default reomte desktop connection to connect through free softwares like UltraVNC. So you will need to install ultravnc on windows and on ubuntu you need not install anything...

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